about me

I’m a music producer, based in Austin Tx, specializing in producing music specifically for sync licensing. I write in a variety of different styles, and genres, depending on the client.
I was in my first band in 5th grade (drummer!), played in concert band, marching band, and sang all through Jr. High/High School. I’ve also performed professionally in and around the Portland, Ore area.
I Moved to Los Angeles, and was there for 26 years, playing in many different bands, as a singer & percussionist.
I started creating music in 2007, in Los Angeles, with early versions of Propellerhead Reason, and Ableton Live. I’ve composed for PSA’s, Short Films, and have had independent releases on iTunes, etc. 2010 brought some unique circumstances, which caused us to relocate to Austin. I produce for local talent, as well as sync, and my music has been featured on Netflix, OWN, Investigation Discovery, Baseball Tonight, and can be heard both nationally and internationally on numerous radio stations.

Have a look around, and if you have any questions/comments, drop me a line!

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